Wild Womxn Therapy Group

The witch is holding amethyst stone surrounded magic things. View from above.

Re-wild, and reclaim your personal magick as we explore the Autumnal ‘Descent’ in Earth, Self and Mythos, supercharged by the healing vitality of sisterhood. A powerful marriage of modern, depth-informed group psychotherapy and ancient healing frameworks that harness the energy of Earth’s cycles. Bring the ~enchantment~ back into your sacred relationship with Earth.

A 12-week depth-informed educational therapy group for womxn,spanning the
entire Autumnal descent and re-emergence (October 2019 through January 2020),
brought to you by Dana Marie Nielsen, MA and Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (supervised by Natalie Small MFT 92747), of Wild Woman Therapy, and Annalise Oatman, MA, LCSW, of Awake Therapy Space. A great way to deepen your understanding of the relationship between fairytale and mythos, and the feminine psyche/soul, especially for fans of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ classic, Women Who Run with the Wolves.

*A portion of funds will be donated to the Sogorea Te Land Trust to support Indigenous women-led wisdom practices to the Bay Area.


Sunday 10/27:  Opening Retreat 4:00-7pm 

Monday  11/4: Zoom call 6:30pm-8pm

Monday 11/11 Zoom call 6:30pm-8pm

Monday 11/18 Zoom call 6:30pm-8pm

Sunday 11/24 RItual Retreat 4:00-7pm

Monday 12/2 Zoom call 6:30pm-8pm

Monday 12/9 Zoom call 6:30pm-8pm

Sunday 12/15 Ritual Retreat 4:00-7pm

Monday 1/06 Zoom call 6:30pm-8pm

Monday 1/13 Zoom call 6:30pm-8pm

Monday 1/20 Zoom call 6:30pm-8pm

Sunday 1/26 Closing Ritual 4:00-7pm

*Retreat locations will be in person sessions in various sacred spaces and natural environments in the Bay Area. Transportation can be arranged.

Interested?  Reach out to Dana at 415-273-9358 or danamarie@mindfulcenter.org
or Annalise at 949-533-4651 or annalise@awaketherapysf.com or join my mailing list below šŸ™‚


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