Wild Woman Therapy Group

The witch is holding amethyst stone surrounded magic things. View from above.

Re-wild, and reclaim your personal magick as we explore the Autumnal ‘Descent’ in Earth, Self and Mythos, supercharged by the healing vitality of sisterhood. A powerful marriage of modern, depth-informed group psychotherapy and ancient healing frameworks that harness the energy of Earth’s cycles. Bring the ~enchantment~ back into your sacred relationship with Earth.

A 12-week depth-informed educational therapy group for womxn,spanning the
entire Autumnal descent and re-emergence (October 2019 through January 2020),
brought to you by Dana Marie Nielsen, AMFT, of Wild Woman Therapy, and
Annalise Oatman, MA, LCSW, of Awake Therapy Space. A great way to deepen your understanding of the relationship between fairytale and mythos, and the feminine psyche/soul, especially for fans of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ classic, Women Who Run with the Wolves.

Interested?  Reach out to Dana at 415-273-9358 or danamarie@mindfulcenter.org
or Annalise at 949-533-4651 or annalise@awaketherapysf.com or join my mailing list below 🙂

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Annalise Oatman, MA, LCSW 45 Franklin Street, Suite 214, San Francisco, CA 94102 949-533 4651 annalise@awaketherapysf.com

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