Sliding Scale Fees

I have created a thorough and thoroughly fair sliding scale fee schedule that is based on income level. Got insurance? (See insurance info below the fee schedule.) It is based on never asking for more than 8% of anyone’s monthly income in therapy fees, and I was so thorough when I created this schedule that I even took into account the fact that there are 4.3 (not 4) weeks in a month, which works out to your benefit! Please note that I have a limited number of lower-than-$100 spots, and I am now over capacity with Open Path spots ($30-$60) or any spots below $93 until further notice. Here’s the schedule:

Annual Salary                          Fee

  • 60,000                               93
  • 65,000                              100
  • 70,000                              108
  • 75,000                              116
  • 80,000                              124
  • 85,000                              132
  • 90,000+                          140

Want to use your insurance? Try this: Call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask if they partially reimburse for an “out of network” therapist. If the answer is “yes,” then I have a form for you to fill out and provide to your insurance company for partial reimbursement! What this means is that you would be responsible for upfront payment at the time of your session (well, between midnight and 2am the night after your session to be exact, when my practice management system will charge your card), and your insurance company then sends you checks partially reimbursing you for your therapy sessions! (Please note that you would be responsible for paying my full fee in this case, $140 at present, independent of my sliding scale. This is because it’s really your insurance that is paying for your sessions, with a small copay for you.)

I will be able to accept TriWest, Lyra, and either MHN or Health Net, and definitely SF residents with MediCal in the coming months, so check back!

**Also, please note that if you are a Reflect client, or you have been matched with me through Reflect, then the Reflect fee schedule applies, rather than the sliding scale fee schedule shown here.

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