As a holistic, integrative therapist, I integrate an understanding of the human energetic body with an understanding of the neurobiology of trauma (the way that it works in the mind/body), as well as an understanding of the way trauma interacts with, and can be accessed through, the emotional body. Additionally, I consider the spiritual aspects of trauma, in the sense that it is helpful, and healing, for some individuals to consider their trauma to be an alchemical invitation, or an invitation to more fully self-actualize and more authentically be of service in these extraordinary times.

I am currently training to become a Reiki Master. Since I have not yet become certified, I will not bring a Reiki table nor full Reiki sessions into my psychotherapy sessions with any of my current clients. Please check back towards the end of 2019 to see if I have become certified as a Reiki Master. Until then, I am happy to bring discussion surrounding the energetics of trauma into our sessions. The brain/body/emotion/energy aspects of trauma, in truth, are so intertwined, that it is impossible not to.

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Annalise Oatman, MA, LCSW 88254

45 Franklin St., Suite 214, San Francisco, CA 94102


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