Sometimes, Being an American Artist Sucks

The first lines of Eve’s Hollywood are, “I want to tell you a bit about myself. I am really an artist, not a writer.” When I use the word, “artist,” I am talking about all practitioners of “the arts,” and all would-be practitioners of the arts. I am talking about those unfortunates who literally do not want to live when they do not have a creative outlet, and who have been born in America. America is a place where there are not many easy avenues to the artist’s life. Sometimes.

I do my best work with artists and creatively stifled people. Creativity, the creative process, and the artist’s path are my domain. Reclaiming the inner artist is the powerful, and beautiful thing that I have dedicated my life to.

I attract a lot of women and female identifying people in their 20s and 30s who are looking to turn their pain into their purpose, but there are no strict exclusionary factors here. The most important thing is that we jibe as people đŸ˜‰

Look out for a Creative Recovery Group coming soon.

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It’s never too late. Never too late to start over, never too late to be happy.

Jane Fonda

Oracle Cards

Everybody’s lives, ordinary people’s lives, are touched by deep magic.

Terence McKenna

Psychedelic Integration and Spiritual Emergency

I have always said that human beings are multidimensional beings. Their happiness comes from many sources, not, as our current economic framework assumes, just from making money.

Muhammad Yunus

Let’s get you making stuff again.

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