My Niche(s)

Niche Numero Uno:

I work really naturally, and really well, with womxn (i.e., female-identifying people) in their 20s and 30s, often who have a creative or spiritual bent, and who are dealing with trauma, anxiety, transitions or relationship issues. This is because I am intimately familiar with the female experience, I have a mystical/seeker bent myself, and I know the artist’s path by heart. Also, people of this age group tend to have an easy time trusting me, a young therapist (age 31 at the time of this writing), to understand them and do good work with them. Lastly, trauma and anxiety are my areas of greatest clinical expertise and training.

On a deeper level, one of my intentions in creating my practice has been to create a counter-cultural space in my community where womxn are allowed to take up space, where their needs, boundaries, preferences, desires, dreams and genius matter, and where they themselves and their voices are reverenced as sacred and truly needed on the planet at this time. Where they are invited to step fully into their power and be celebrated for doing so. Sort of like a red tent (yes, the walls are terracotta red!) where womxn can gather and be themselves– the kind of space that is so conspicuously missing in our world.

Having said that, my niche-walls are porous and I have accepted men and other age groups into my practice when we resonate with each other as people and both have a really good feeling about working together. It has been my honor to create a space in my community where truly all are welcome. The most important thing is that we would do good work together. This brings me to my second niche:

Niche Numero Dos:

CREATIVE GIANTS. What is a creative giant, I hear you asking. I’ll explain. A creative giant is a highly creative individual who often finds themselves biting off way more than they can chew, and probably needing to set all kinds of boundaries, though they often have a hard time doing that. Because of this tendency, they are often sniffed out as the-person-who-can-do-it-all, and others will actually push even MORE tasks towards them because others somehow intuit that they were born with a dynamic drive that has them always going, going, going, like a fabulous Roman candle that seems to magically, continuously burn at both ends. These folks tend to have a bias towards service, in one way or another, or to be somehow service-driven and caring. This is an important ingredient in this personality because art truly becomes real art when shared— This personality ingredient is the intrinsic drive towards creating something worthy of being shared, because (in one way or another) it is a gift from one heart to many others. These folks often have multiple creative outlets and projects at any one time, and sometimes require assistance with channeling their huge, beautiful energies in all the ways that their soul most deeply, truly desires.

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