Integration of Exceptional Experiences

Experiences that transcend normal states of consciousness can be difficult to describe in words, let alone to integrate and digest fully, especially if we do not set aside the time to journal, explore, rest and research. If you have experienced an extraordinary state of mind that was induced by a psychedelic plant outside of my office and prior to the initiation of our therapeutic relationship, I would love to help you create a narrative around the parts of your experience that you would like to contextualize in a narrative, gleaning whatever there is to glean from the experience, while holding reverence for the parts of the experience that you feel should remain mysterious.

Some experiences can function like a brutal mirror, or a visceral journey through the past, leaving open some raw childhood memories or raw feelings about who one has been in one’s life. The ideal is to use this kind of experience as a way to pivot into living a more authentic, kind and conscious life. Another example : Let’s say that, prior to this experience, you had been really concerned with your intelligence level, getting smarter, seeming smarter, and attaining the highest levels of intellectual achievement because, well, that seems really important. During the experience, there may be themes of humility actually being the pathway to true greatness, or of the Holy Fool archetype. In other words, sometimes our primary operating systems are flipped on their heads and shown another way. It’s not always (basically, never) what we expect.

It can be helpful to process what came up so that it can be integrated into new wisdom and depth. In the instance of the Holy Fool archetype, you may later discover that this exact phrase had been used with reference to the unlikely literary hero, Neal Cassady, who grafted himself through his legendary dynamism and singular embodiment of freedom into the work of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.

Some exceptional experiences arise spontaneously

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