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Everybody’s lives, ordinary people’s lives, are touched by deep magic. -TerenceMcKenna

If you would like, I can integrate an oracle card into your free 20-minute phone consultation from Colette Baron-Reid’s Goddess Power Oracle Deck, or her Enchanted Map Oracle Deck, from the original Ryder-Waite Tarot Deck, or from the Enchanted Faery Forest Deck by Lucy Cavendish. I intend to continue adding to my collection . . . !

I integrate oracle cards into individual sessions as much or as little as people want. As a licensed psychotherapist, I understand that the use of oracle cards in psychotherapy practice is not always indicated and that there are always clinical considerations. However, my business and ‘niche’ tends to be perfect for people for whom this would be totally clinically appropriate and innocuous. It can be a really fun way to access deeper ‘knowing,’ guidance, instinct, intuition (or whatever you want to call it) together, and can be a great spice to throw into the therapeutic mix when things start to feel a little “stuck” or closed off or rigid. I only use cards when people want them, and I tend to nudge things in the direction of what comes up for YOU– what themes and patterns do you notice? What opens up in your mind and heart when you see this image, or consider this archetype with reference to your current dilemma? It’s as fun and helpful and harmless in the clinical process as Crayola markers.

You can trust that I am skilled enough as a clinician to not whip out the Ryder-Waite tarot in the middle of a pregnant silence because I am bored or uncomfortable. Ooph, no! I am a therapist-artist-writer. Pregnant silences are my life. You can trust that the cards only come out if it’s appropriate and you want them.

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