The Violence of Interpretation

I know this is an intense title. Just stick with me for a minute. I chose the word “violence” because it feels most appropriate, although it is important to understand that what we are talking about here is incredibly subtle. In my work as a clinician, and as a therapist in private practice, I foundContinue reading “The Violence of Interpretation”

The Modern Resurgence of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: What the Heck? Is this for Me?

We’ve all heard the name Freud. Often the name is thrown around as a synonym for silly preoccupations with mother-lust, castration fear or penis envy. The bizarre and eyebrow-raising features of an isolated working model for understanding human suffering that ought to be relegated to the historical dust bin, right? And why ever take seriouslyContinue reading “The Modern Resurgence of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: What the Heck? Is this for Me?”

Perennial Wisdom as Medicine for the Global Community

The United States of America as we currently know them represent the first time that human beings have ever tried to live together in a mass, multi-cultural, democratic republic. Other modern nations or historical empires have attempted to be one, two, or three of these, but never all four at once, technically speaking. For thatContinue reading “Perennial Wisdom as Medicine for the Global Community”

Feminine Rage: What is It? How is it Different from Anger? What to Do.

Scary, huh? Whether it’s welling up inside your own body, or whether you are witnessing it in another. Well, that’s what the culture would have us think. According to the yogic tradition (on which, I am certainly no expert), all emotions are holy. They speak truth. For those of us who have difficulty with ourContinue reading “Feminine Rage: What is It? How is it Different from Anger? What to Do.”

How to See More Magic in Art, and in Everything

It seems like a hunger for magic or enchantment has become a part of the Zeitgeist, beginning with the unexpected cultural tidal wave of Harry Potter after the debut of the original books in the late 90s and early 2000s. I suspect some deeper, pre-existing hunger was cracked open and revealed by this phenomenon, andContinue reading “How to See More Magic in Art, and in Everything”

Demystifying Therapy Fees

The intention of this article is to promote transparency and understanding around therapy fees. It seems therapists often don’t openly discuss with clients the reasons for their fee, nor the back-end work involved in providing that one hour (or 50 minutes) of therapy. I’m not sure whether this is considered radical, but it seems healthyContinue reading “Demystifying Therapy Fees”

Niche Update: Creative Giants

Alright, I know I’ve been messing around with my home page and menu a bit lately, and I’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do. I am always assisting my clients on their journeys towards greater integration of all their internal “parts” and greater authenticity. And yet, I’ve been sort of leading a double life. On oneContinue reading “Niche Update: Creative Giants”

Healing the Warrior Archetype

According to a Jungian depth perspective (depth psychological perspectives that draw from the work of the late Carl Jung), archetypal energies or patterns exist within the collective unconsciousness, and will continue to exist, whether they are embraced by the culture or not. When they are not embraced by the culture, or when they are activelyContinue reading “Healing the Warrior Archetype”