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“The millennial program is to put the art pedal to the floor.” -Terence McKenna

Hi, I’m Annalise!

I’m a Holistic, Integrative EMDR Psychotherapist in Hayes Valley, but you might also call me an inner child whisperer, fairy godmother, Alan Moore-dork, ultra-Pisces and Dionysian artist.  I help makers, seekers and free-thinkers who want more than anything to show up fully (as themselves) in life, in love or in their life’s work, but get hung up because of some seemingly impenetrable thicket of self-doubt, apathy, anxiety, depression, or maybe even trauma.  I embolden them to love themselves more deeply than ever, so that they can take the wild, brave leap into the purposeful life they were born to live.  I know from six years in the mental health field that a beautiful inner garden of self-compassion, self-love, peace and purpose is the best gift you can offer to yourself and to the world.  I also know that people deserve to know the voice of their own soul as their truest and trustiest line to the divine (or whatever you want to call it), and to the next step forward, and then the next.   There is magic and mystery shimmering through every life, and this is so even when it’s not obvious.

My Top Five (Okay, Seven-ish Eight) Auditory Pleasures:

  • Terence McKenna (the brilliant psychedelic bard of the 1990s)
  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre (a band)
  • WITCH (We Intend to Cause Havoc) (another band)
  • Amadou et Miriam (delicious music)
  • The Craft Soundtrack (So I can pretend like I’m in the movie…..Yeah.)
  • Nick Cave. And Roky Erickson (Just saw his last ever show in SF, and love him forever.)
  • Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (In my opinion, the greatest living psychoanalyst, and a writer of books that I would prefer over food even if I was starving.  Many of her books are on Audible, and she has a voice that could bind anyone in a spell they’d be glad never to leave.)

My Creds:

  • Oxbridge Masters in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin (2010) (followed by a jaunt to India where I volunteered in an orphanage for HIV-positive children in Jaipur)
  • Masters in Social Work (Mental Health Concentration) from USC (2015)
  • Six years of experience in mental health at the time of this writing (working mostly in residential programs and community-based mental health programs for traumatized children and youth, with only one of those years a blend of chemical dependency inpatient and outpatient experience, interspersed with some visits to clients in an adjunct skilled nursing home for people with HIV/AIDS)
  • Approved in February 2019 by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences to practice psychotherapy under my own license (hence the ‘L’ in LCSW). (It means I’ve collected thousands of post-Masters clinical hours, done a bunch of post-Masters trainings, and passed a couple of truly butt-numbing exams, years after finishing grad school.)
  • EMDR trained and ready to use this evidence-based trauma treatment in my practice, with full certification anticipated by January 2020.
  • Finally (in 2019) saw the official publication by Oxford University Press of Women’s Journey to Empowerment in the 21st Century: A Transnational Approach, to which I contributed (or, wrote) a chapter.  The original tract of writing was completed in 2015.

I believe that love (starting on the inside), cognitive freedom, and “put[ting] the art pedal to the floor”* will change the world.  That’s why I hope you will begin practicing self-love and radical self-acceptance today, because sometimes the revolution starts as an inside job.  And schedule a free 20-minute consultation if you can dig.

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Request Appointment

Annalise Oatman, MA, LCSW 88254
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