“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” -Jelaluddin Rumi

It is totally normal to get to a point in life at which some additional support or guidance is needed. It could be that you just went through a breakup or some other major transition or loss. Or it could be that you are suddenly mired in depression and apathy, and are not really clear on what’s ahead or what to look forward to anymore. Or it could be that there is a constant, rolling anxiety underneath the service of everyday life, threatening to surge forward in full blown panic. Maybe you are aware of some trauma from the distant (or recent) past, whether physical, emotional or relational, and it has been hijacking your experience of relationships and/or work. Whatever the case may be, you are not alone, and you are much closer to your innate ability to heal and to integrate all the fragments of self that any life experience may have fractured along the way. You are completely capable of showing up fully in your life, finding fulfillment, making meaning, and moving through even the most difficult of times with deep, true self-compassion.

I love helping womxn, creatives, and anyone experiencing trauma, depression or anxiety, to reclaim their wild, instinctual nature, and integrate every aspect of who they are, and then embody that in their life. Sometimes what seems to be in the way, actually IS the way to a deeper relationship with your own wisdom, inner authority and more abundant creative life. I view each of my clients as sacred, and worthy of wholeness, rather than as a set of symptoms or behaviors, and it is an absolute privilege to do this work, out of my cozy office space in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. Click below to schedule a session or a free 20-minute phone consultation.

~LGBTQIA+ Allied~
~Sex Worker Allied~
~BDSM/Kink Aware/Allied~
~Undocumented Allied~
~Non-traditional Spiritual Path Allied~
~All are welcome here.~


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